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Zupply works with businesses big and small with solutions to suit all budgets. From our free app for venues and our free Lite product for wholesalers, to our complete ordering and inventory software solution that can transform your wholesale business.

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Our products

Whether you're a wholesaler, chef or venue owner, our options are flexible. Contact us to discuss your needs, or sign up for a free trial.



A better way to order stock for chefs and venue owners

  • Fast ordering - access all your favourite suppliers in one app.
  • 24/7 visibility on product availability, pricing, and deliveries across your venues.
  • Control menu costs and improve cashflow.



Your entry to online sales and payments

  • Get your products in front of a bigger audience and reach more buyers.
  • Quick & easy - supply your products and pricing info, get it live within an hour.



Your complete ordering and inventory solution

  • Cutting-edge software designed specifically for your industry.
  • Enjoy live inventory visibility. No more lost hours reconciling accounts and managing deliveries.
  • Improve cash flow by automating payments.



Create a marketplace on your own terms

  • First-mover advantage means you get ahead of the competition.
  • Expanded customer networks and secure data-sharing with your community of sellers.
  • Work with complementary sellers and build a marketplace of loyal buyers.

Seamless Drivers app

The app is tied to each of our products, helping streamline all delivery procedures so you can focus on what matters most.

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John Velluti

Owner, Velluti’s

Finding the best solutions

As we were the first to use the Drivers App it almost feels like it’s ours. We love that Zupply has worked with us to adapt the app to help find the best solutions for our business. The Proof Of Delivery feature of ‘on-screen signing’, and ‘images’ has really stood out for us and transformed our delivery runs

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Why Zupply

A better way to order and pay for stock
Complete transparency around product availability, inventory and pricing
An opportunity to reach new customers and grow your business
The ability to create your own marketplace, and do business on your terms

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