See how Zupply has transformed the food industry

The logo for Md Providores.

Mouhamad Dib


“We love the efficiency (of Batch Payments) as this process eliminates the costly manual processes surrounding individual payments. It’s fundamentally transformed the way we run our business”

The logo for JD Providores.

Domenic Curreo,


“(With online ordering) Deliveries are out earlier, trucks are out earlier it saves me 20 hours a week. My customers are very happy with Zupply and ordering online, it gives my business room to grow”

The logo for Marketplace Fresh

“Zupply worked with us to build custom reports for our business. Their ability to adjust solutions to fit our business is by far one of their strongest assets”

The logo for Leos Wholesale Fruit & Veg

John Brizzi,


It’s very easy and convenient for my customers to use; now they can easily track all orders, payments, and invoices in one place, from their mobile phone”

The logo for Prime Produce

Anderson Cong,


“My old system had a lot of mistakes, with Zupply’s online ordering I now have no mistakes and it saves me a lot of time. Thank you very much Zupply”

The logo for Tutti Fruitti

Christine Gibbins,


“The system is so easy to use; we now have our deliveries out earlier, not to mention our customers love it. It has just made our business so much better. Thanks to everyone at Zupply you guys are amazing!”

The logo for Avalons Organics

Oliver Baierl,


“Zupply Lite offered an easy-to-use online ordering system that helped us manage home deliveries and reach a new customer base. I would recommend Zupply to other businesses due to their professionalism and help in setting up an online ordering platform. They truly go above and beyond to make it as hassle-free as possible”

The logo for Export Fresh

Tony Mann,


“‘With Zupply I have my inventory of how much supply I’ve got in stock and as I put my orders in it’s taking the orders off for me. Chefs are using it, wholesalers are using it, the product is already in the system when I come to work in the mornings which is fabulous, there is no more handwriting dockets and it’s very good for stock control. It’s been an absolute life changer for the business”

The logo for Velluti's: The Fruit and Veg Company

John Velluti,


“As we were the first to use the Drivers App it almost feels like it’s ours. We love that Zupply has worked with us to adapt the app to help find the best solutions for our business. The Proof Of Delivery feature of ‘on-screen signing’, and ‘images’ has really stood out for us and transformed our delivery runs”

The logo for Matters of Taste

Anthony Cotterell,


Zupply’s reports are second to none. Being able to easily create delivery runs on the one hand, then view financial reports on the other, all on the one platform is exceptionally valuable and time-saving to a small business like ours.

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