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Reach more buyers

Your entry to online sales and payments.

Additional sales funnel
Quick and easy
Customer retention
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We’ll have you online in an hour

Zupply Lite allows you to get your business online and streamline your order fulfilment processes fast.

Additional sales funnel

Get another bite of the sales cherry by putting your products in front of interested buyers.

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Quick and easy

Simply supply your product and pricing info and Zupply will get it on the app within hours so users will be able to purchase your stock.

Read how this helped J&D Providore
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Customer retention

Buyers love the convenience that Zupply delivers, which is great news for suppliers looking to nurture long-term relationships.

A laptop showing the wholesaler information of M & J Chicken. Details include their address, product type, and description.

Say hello to new buyers

Zupply Lite is your first step to reaching a new customer base. Supply your stock and pricing info and we’ll get your products in front of more buyers.

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Zupply Lite is for wholesalers

Supported by a product suite that services the entire food industry

For wholesalers

Created by wholesalers for wholesalers. Zupply helps you bridge the digital gap as the needs of your customers change. By signing up, you get increased efficiency with Zupply's all-in-one system.

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For chefs

Get access to your shoppable customisable pantry with live pricing from multiple suppliers with automated notifications. We'll take care of your admin for you so you can focus on delivering high-quality food experiences.

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For venue managers

Get 24/7 visibility on product availability, pricing, and deliveries, so you can keep track of your business on your terms.

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Trusted by food business across Australia


Oliver Baierl

Owner, Avalon Organics

Professional support service

Zupply Lite offered an easy-to-use online ordering system that helped us manage home deliveries and reach a new customer base. I would recommend Zupply to other businesses due to their professionalism and help in setting up an online ordering platform. They truly go above and beyond to make it as hassle-free as possible.

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A laptop showing the Zupply dashboard

Get your business in order now

With all orders on one platform, start processing orders for both you and your customers quickly and securely.

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