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Our marketplace feature lets you create your own marketplace on your terms so you can reach the buyers that are right for your business.

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Take control of your future

Zupply Community is a software solution that allows you to create a marketplace with wholesale partners who share your vision and goals. It’s business, but on your terms.

First-mover advantage
Expanded customer networks
Customer satisfaction
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A platform for you and like-minded partners

Each trusted wholesaler brings hundreds of unique customers to the community, helping you to cut through the disruption and meet new clients.

Create your very own marketplace with like-minded suppliers.

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Zupply Community is for wholesalers

Supported by a product suite that services the entire food industry

For wholesalers

Created by wholesalers for wholesalers. Zupply helps you bridge the digital gap as the needs of your customers change. By signing up, you get increased efficiency with Zupply's all-in-one system.

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For chefs

Get access to your shoppable customisable pantry with live pricing from multiple suppliers with automated notifications. We'll take care of your admin for you so you can focus on delivering high-quality food experiences.

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For venue managers

Get 24/7 visibility on product availability, pricing, and deliveries, so you can keep track of your business on your terms.

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How wholesale distributors must innovate to survive

Forbes notes that disruptions in the global supply chain and increasing market competition means wholesale distributors must innovate to survive. But with lower margins to work with, it is crucial to invest in the right technology that puts the needs of your business and your customers to heart.

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Have unanswered questions or just want to talk to someone? Zupply is happy to help.

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