Cutting-edge software for the wholesale food industry

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Created in partnership with wholesalers

Our capability to integrate with your existing technology and deliver two-way integration is unmatched in the market.

Manage all your orders on one user-friendly platform
Automate invoicing, picking slips, buy lists and run allocation
Seamlessly integrate existing accounting systems
Access detailed reporting to drive decision-making

Improved cash flow

Payment automation allows you to save time and dramatically improve your accounts receivable turnover.

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Extra efficiencies

Premium users enjoy live inventory visibility and reclaim valuable hours lost to sorting pick sheets, reconciling accounts, and managing deliveries.

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Designed for the wholesale industry

Created by wholesalers for wholesalers, Zupply Premium is updated regularly based on the needs of our customers, through ongoing feedback loops.

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Marketplace Fresh

One of Zupply’s strongest assets

Zupply worked with us to build custom reports for our business. Their ability to adjust solutions to fit our business is by far one of their strongest assets.

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Cutting-edge software designed to simplify your wholesale business

Automate and streamline your orders, deliveries, and payments with Zupply's complete ordering & inventory solution.

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Zupply products for wholesalers



Your entry to online sales and payments

  • Get your products in front of a bigger audience and reach more buyers.
  • Quick & easy - supply your products and pricing info, get it live within an hour.



Your complete ordering and inventory solution

  • Cutting-edge software designed specifically for your industry.
  • Enjoy live inventory visibility. No more lost hours reconciling accounts and managing deliveries.
  • Improve cash flow by automating payments.

Plus a seamless Drivers app to track orders.

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Our team

Zupply was created by industry insiders who knew there was a better way to order, supply and pay for stock. Combining extensive wholesale, hospitality and tech expertise, our founders created the ordering and inventory solution the Australian food and beverage industry wants and needs.

About Zupply

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