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We solve our customers’ problems by providing a user-friendly ordering and payment platform that's accessible on any device, 24/7.

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A fish market with rows of fish stored in various size containers.
Our vision

To be Australia's leading all-in-one order and payment solution that caters to the changing needs of our customers

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Fruit & veg

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A close up photo of fresh-caught fish


An assortment of cheeses in various shades of yellow, with various rinds, and textures.


An assortment of baked breads; rye, white, wholegrain. All are of differing loaf shapes.


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Food Service


About Zupply

Zupply was created by wholesalers for wholesalers. We understand the challenges the market faces because it's where we come from. We’re also dedicated to continuous improvement, which means that every software update is a response to the needs of our customers.

Experience meets acumen

James Kelly


Adrian Moschella


Chris Jin

Lead developer & stakeholder

Why Zupply

A better way to order and pay for stock
Complete transparency around product availability, inventory and pricing
An opportunity to reach new customers and grow your business
The ability to create your own marketplace, and do business on your terms
For wholesalers

Created by wholesalers for wholesalers. Zupply helps you bridge the digital gap as the needs of your customers change. By signing up, you get increased efficiency with Zupply's all-in-one system.

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For chefs

Get access to your shoppable customisable pantry with live pricing from multiple suppliers with automated notifications. We'll take care of your admin for you so you can focus on delivering high-quality food experiences.

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For venue managers

Get 24/7 visibility on product availability, pricing, and deliveries, so you can keep track of your business on your terms.

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